PT. Carvil Abadi

PT Carvil Abadi engaged in the manufacture and distribution of Carvil products. The brand “Carvil” itself was established in 1978 and up till now, Carvil has established itself as one of the top market leader in footwear industry nationwide. The product itself has undergone many researches and development to present quality products that are comfortable, unique, trendy and meet its best standard. The Brand itself has reputation for its durability and yet economical for consumers.

Today, Carvil has enjoyed enormous success and continuity growth in the creation of many different styles of footwear for ladies, man and kids. Furthermore, the brand has expanded not only in footwear industry, carvil has their own apparel line such as Jeans, T-Shirt, Polo-Shirt, Shirt, Jacket and even backpack besides accessories. On top of that, Carvil are continuously developing its product with latest technology in manufacturing processes, sourcing new materials and models to keep pace with consumer expectation.

Our product can be found easily in every corner of the country both in traditional and modern market channel (more than 4000 stores). In term of traditional channel, we have our own distribution companies spreading nationwide. Furthermore, our product can be found in many overseas countries such as Singapore, Philippines, Malaysian, Middle East, Maldives and many more to come.

Moreover, to be closed to our consumer, since 2013 we opened our own Carvil Retail Store which sells various range of carvil products from apparel to footwear. By the end of 2014, we managed to open almost 100 retail stores both owned as well as franchise stores.

Vision : To be the leader and the best footwear brand in Indonesia and To produce product which can be accepted by all the consumer nationwide

Mission : To maintain and improve the product that cope with the current fashion trend as well as its durability and to strengthen the distribution of the product nationwide and overseas

Trademark : Carvil Tetap yang Terbaik

Product Range : Sandal , Footbed, Sponge, Shoes, Futsal Shoes, Kids Shoes, Jeans, Polo Shirt, Tees, Jacket, Backpack, Accessories

Distribution Area : Nationwide both modern and traditional market channel as well as owned retail store

Our Achievement